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Make Your Ride a Stiff Neck Breaker with Simmons Mag Wheels

The wheel industry is flooded with brands, both new and old. Simmons wheels is one of the most popular brands that stand apart from the crowd, due to their extreme performance and affordable prices. Simmons wheels are famous for a top line of Mags or Aluminum Alloy Wheels, as most people would call them. According to reports, Simmons is known to build more than 2.4 Million Rims every year and increasing as technology advances and demand increases.

What Are Simmons Wheels?

Simmons wheels are not only sleek and stylish, but they are also functional and durable. If you are looking for Mags with the aforementioned attributes, then Simmons is your best choice. For the last three decades, the company has manufactured alloy wheels of the best quality and undeniable chic designs. Starting out from a shady factory in California in 1976, the brand has grown to two massive operating facilities that manufacture more than 2 million custom alloys every year.

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The best part about Simmons wheels is that it has an established brand presence in every part of the world and it is established through a line of approvals and certificates that include ISO 9002 and QS 9000. Owing to their exceptional quality, Simmons wheels have turned into the perfect choice for drivers all over the world. Simmons wheels are the peak of style, strength and quality, which further makes them an ideal choice suited for every need.

Different Variety of Designs and Styles with Simmons Wheels:

In modern times, Simmons provides a massive range of unique and innovative designs that delight even the most difficult car enthusiasts. Every style and design of Simmons wheels has been made by top designers in a creative and thoughtful manner, and then proficiently embodied by experts all over the world.

Regardless of the preferences and requirements of a user, Simmons as the most accurate wheel design, owing to its supreme performance. For example – the brand provides the 522 and 527 series for the sporty appearance and the Simmons 528 series for the people looking for supreme performance. The wheels come in various sizes ranging from 15 inches to 20 inches in diameter.

These wheels may come in various finishes that include chrome, black, red, machined, gold and many other finishes. Ranging from 5 spoke, multi-spoke wheels, mesh design, unique widths and nonplussed fitments, and anything else you could wish for, Simmons wheels will make your vehicle a true competitor.

When it comes to custom alloy wheels or mags, the brand believes not only in design, but also the quality and performance. With these factors in their mind, the brand goes the extra miles for making sure that their wheels embody an unparalleled level of flawlessness and durability.

Simmons wheels are certified and approved according to global norms and experience the exact quality control tests to ensure that their performance and quality is undeterred. Visit our website here to get the best deals for Simmons wheels. We have a wide variety of Simmons wheels and Tyres Packages.

The Numerous Benefits Of Alloy Wheels Over Steel Wheels

Alloy wheels are more expensive than steel wheels because there benefits far outweigh the latter. While you can make do with steel wheels on everyday roads, some drivers still choose alloy or mag wheels, in spite of the high price tag.

Alloy wheels are wheels that are made from a combination of aluminum and other metals, which is why they are also called mag wheels in many countries. Aluminum when combined with other metals forms a really lightweight and super durable substance, which makes it a great source material for wheels and rims.

Alloy Wheels Over Steel Wheels

More About Alloy Wheels

Not only are steel wheels heavy and clunky looking, but they are also tough to damage and inexpensive. However, alloy wheels are a “step up” from their steel competitors. Aluminum as we all know is a light weight metal, but when it is combined with other metal components, the final result is an Alloy that is perfect, both for appeal and performance.

In the racing industry, alloy wheels are always preferred over steel wheels. In fact, most high end vehicle models are equipped with alloy wheels from the point of manufacture.

There are many benefits of Alloy wheels, some of them are listed below.

Benefits Of Alloy Wheels

Not only have Alloy wheels made a place in the racing industry, but more and more people are starting to use them in everyday vehicles. In most cases, people replace their steel wheels with alloy wheels to enhance the look of their ride. Though we cannot say for sure, some experts even claim that Alloy wheels also increase gas mileage, performance and handling of a vehicle.

Advantage # 1

AestheticsMag Wheels are significantly better looking than their steel competitors. Most people just replace their standard wheels with alloy for their aesthetic appeal alone.

Advantage # 2

LightweightAlloy wheels are lightweight because – you guessed it – they are made out of Aluminum. Because of their light weight, Alloy wheels are able to significantly decrease the unsprung weight, which makes the vehicle less susceptible to shock transmissions.

Advantage # 3

Increased Break Clearance–‘Some’ alloy wheels allow for more brake clearance, which enhances the brake performance significantly. Since there is more brake clearance, you have to put less effort in pushing the brake pedal, thus the drivers has more control over the deceleration of their rides.

Advantage # 4

Durability Since alloy wheels are combination of aluminum and other metals, they are more durable and strong. The unprecedented toughness of mag wheels lead to better precision steering and greater control. Alloy wheels are also able to disperse heat faster, which prevents them from easily bending or cracking.

Advantage # 5

Fitting alloy wheels in your cars will significantly improve the standard of your cars. They will make your vehicle easier to sell and increase the value of your car.

Some drivers even go an extra mile and coat the mag wheels with high-quality car polish before having them fitted into the vehicles.