An alignment makes sure your mazda bt50 wheels and tyres are aimed according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Proper alignment reduces tyre wear and it improves steering and braking response. Below are some important things to know about wheel alignment, to save money and to keep safe.

How You’ll Know When It’s Time for an Alignment

If your car’s wheels aren’t aligned correctly, the vehicle will pull to either side as you’re driving. Improper alignment will raise the chances of your tyres going bald. Both are safety concerns, and they can decrease your fuel economy. The cost of alignment for wheel packages varies, and many people ignore the problem in an attempt to save. However, an alignment is cheaper than paying more for gas and buying tyres more often.

Choosing the right set of XXR 527 Wheel Packages

The Difference Between a Four-Wheel Alignment, a Front-End Alignment and a Thrust Alignment

When you take your wheels in for an alignment, the shop may ask you what type you want. Here’s a brief breakdown:

  • Front-end alignment focus on your car’s front wheels, which can be beneficial if you have front wheel drive.
  • An all-wheel alignment involves all of your car’s wheels. Even a front-wheel drive car can benefit in the form of reduced tyre wear and improved steering response. Most “pulling” and uneven tyre wear occur when a car’s rear wheels and its front wheels are not in alignment.
  • If the car’s rear axle isn’t in alignment, severe pulling can occur. The issue can be fixed via a thrust or suspension alignment, which dramatically improves handling and steering. A suspension alignment is almost always more costly than a conventional alignment.

Alignment Frequency

Wheel packages should be aligned once per year, but you should refer to your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations. If your car just isn’t driving as straight as it could, bring it in for service and a possible wheel alignment.

Bonus: There’s a Difference Between Tyre Alignment and Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment and tyre alignment are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are different. Mazda bt50 wheels are the metal rim around which your tyres are wrapped. During an alignment, the wheels are adjusted, not the tyres. That’s why a wheel alignment is vital in preserving your tyres’ life.

Most people don’t think about their wheel packages until there’s a problem. By getting regular alignments, you can keep your car rolling down the road as straight as possible.