To get to hard-to-reach places, SUVs and trucks need the right 4×4 wheels and tyres. When buying a new set of 4WD wheels online, take the time to understand your options. Wheels are available in many sizes, and making the right selection depends on your vehicle’s model and make. During the buying process, you’ll need to consider wet weather handling, ride quality, speed rating and tread life.



Wheels are available in alloy and steel-plated models. Steel wheels have been used for many years; they are inexpensive and sturdy, but can be heavy. Alloys are made of reinforced aluminium; they’re more expensive, but are lighter in weight and they improve vehicle handling.

Steel wheels are a common factory option, and changing them can quickly customize your vehicle’s looks.

Alloy wheels were once only used on racing vehicles, but are making their way into the 4×4 world. They can offer better handling and higher fuel economy.

4×4 Tyres

When buying 4×4 tyres, you should consider how you’ll use them. These vehicles are meant for off-roading, and you need to decide how often you’ll be using them for that purpose. If you commonly drive over steep, rocky terrain, choose higher tyres. Ride quality is another important consideration, as is tread life. If you live where there’s a lot of rain, you’ll need tyres with better wet handling characteristics.

Finding the perfect set of 4×4 wheels and tyres from us can be easy if you know all of your options. Research each tyre’s ride quality, wet weather handling and tread life before buying, and you’ll find the right set for your truck or SUV.

Happy shopping! And make sure you choose a reputable online wheels and 4X4 accessories shop when you do decide to make your purchase.